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The place where you come to simply relax, rejuvenate and reenergize.

It is Erica's mission at Emerge Spa to go above and beyond to

give clients the best experience and results. 

Emerge Spa believes in radiant, healthy skin by using skin care

that is Organic and the latest in Bio-technology

without the use of harmful addatives,dyes or animal testing.

Gua Sha Technique / Lift & Scuplt Face Lymphatic Massage

30 min- $50

60 min $95 includes-30 mins of Gua Sha w/Hydration Mask, Neck and Shoulder, Hand and Arm massage-Extra TLC


Relieve Face & Jaw muscle tension (TMJ).

Facial Sculpting gently breaks up fascia and connective tissue, aids in circulation, and stimulates lymphatic drainage.

Promoting skin clarity, and brightening. 

Choose 30Min 

** 60Min Facial Sculpting w/ Gua Sha Technique~ includes 30mins focused Face Sculpt w/ customized Masque and neck, shoulder, hand and arm massage.



Signature EMERGE Facial 60 Min $100

60 Min Signature Facial 

Or I like to call it “Esthetician’s Choice”

Customized to your skin type includes

 Choice Non-Invasive Microdermabrasion or Dermaplane. Optional Extractions. Enjoy a customized Masque during a Neck, Shoulder massage as well as hand & arm massage. 


Ultimate Face & Back Treatment​ 90 Min $130

De-stress with a relaxing back cleanse, detox back masque and a hydration Swedish back massage then turning over to enjoy a customized facial that includes choice of dermaplane or non-invasive Microderm. Enjoy a soothing face mask with a neck, shoulder, hand & arm massage.

Signature LUX 75min Facial $130

~ Includes Microdermabrasion or Dermaplane, Ultrasound, Detox Lymphatic Facial Massage


Dermaplane Facial 30 Min $60



 Dermaplane to Any Facial or Body Treatment $30

Removing dead skin cells & villus hairs (peach fuzz)

Your skin will immediately feel smooth, supple and vibrant. No Downtime 


$75~ 30-40min or ADD ON:$30 to ANY Facial

Pro Clinical Perfect Peel
Clear Complexion Treatment

Choose the Pro Clinical Perfect Peel

or Acne/Jessner Peel 

This procedure is a faster form ofexfoliation through acids that target your skin cells. Reducing Hyperpigmentation, fine lines & wrinkles, scarring, and melasma. Chemical peels remove outermost layer of the damages skin. In response, your body works to initiate the healing process following the "injury". This process reveals a new layer of clear & healthy skin.

90 Min Microcurrent Lift & Scuplt $130

Includes Non-Invasive Microdermabrasion

Enzyme Exfoliation

Microcurrent + Lymphatic Facial Massage

Hydration Mask


Oxygen Peptide Hydration Boost

ADD ON: Dermaplane $30




includes optional RED LIGHT & RF





 Hydrodermabrasion -

 (*Includes choice Non-Invasive Microderm

 or Dermaplane)

water-based serums suction/siphoning out dead skin cells 

 leaving behind fresher, cleaner pores & skin. 

Its strong suction and tips do a great job at exfoliating & massaging, increasing blood flow 

and collagen production- 

No Downtime & No Discomfort


Meet Glo2 Facial by Geneo
All Glo2 Facial include 3 steps

What are the benefits of Geneo Glo2 Facial?

  • Deeply cleanses and exfoliates the skin

  • Oxygenates and revitalizes the skin

  • nourishes and hydrates the skin with active ingredients

  • reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • improves skin tone and texture

  • increases collagen production for firmer, more youthful skin

  • enhances skin radiance and luminosity

A breakthrough treatment that unlocks the body's natural superpowers: Oxfolate with O2 bubbles, amplify with LUX via our lite ultrasound experience (micro-vibrationsthat instantly smooth skin), and detox via lymphatic massage. Lets breakdown the science, noting that, instead of pushing oxygen into the skin like a typical oxygen facial , this Glo2 treatment oxygenates your skin from the inside out. Using Geneo Oxypods (capsules filled with different skin care ingredients depending on the treatment) and a Geneo primer gel to exfoliate your skin and create carbon dioide bubbles on the face, this combo triggers what's called the "Bohr effect." Basically your body naturally sends more oxygen to the surface of our skin to counteract a rise in carbon dioxide levels, so your skin is in the ideal state to be infused with the nutrients throughout the whole treatment. 
Glo2 Express 50min (FaceOnly) $100 

Glo2 Geneo Signature 75min $180 
Glo2 Geneo (Back Only) $100
Glo2 Back & Bliss Out 90min $160
Glo2 Stress Relief Back Lymphatic $130


45min Treatment ~$90
75-90min Treatment~ $150
Micro-needling is a minimally invasive procedure for your skin. Using thin needles to make tiny open channels in the top layer of your skin. The damage helps stimulate your skin's healing process, producing more collagen and elastin. The proteins keep your skin firm and smooth.
Who shouldn't have micro-needling?
 *Blood disorders *Acne or on Acne medications*Cancer and receiving Chemo or radiation*Frequent skin rashes(cold sores)*Kelodial tendency *Moles, freckles, skin tags or other growths


Stress Relief Back Therapy

Back Cleanse/Exfoliate/

Warm Towels

Hydrate Massage Back, Neck & Shoulders, Hand & Arms

30 MIn $45

60 min $75


Bliss Out 75Min $95

This "Bliss Out" treatment includes a 30 mins

 Back treatment - Back Cleanse removed with warm towel to relax back tension followed by hydration Swedish massage. 

Next turning over for a Facial Cleansing followed with a face lifting massage, gentle enzyme to refresh clean skin, applying hydration serum, moisturizer. 

finishing up your "Bliss Out"session with a neck, shoulder, hand & arm massage.

Feel rejuvenated and refreshed as you've let go of the daily stressors and tension.


Reiki is a spiritual healing art / holistic practice with its roots in Japanese origin. 

(Rei) which means "Universal Life" and (Ki) which means "Energy"

Reiki is NOT affiliated with any particular religious practice. 

Reiki is a healing technique based on the principle that the practitioner can channel healing energy into the client by means of place hands near the body or hands-on, to activate the natural healing processes of the clients body and restore physical and emotional well-being

Benefits of Reiki Treatments

*Promotes Harmony & Balance

*Creates Deep Relaxation and helps body release stress and tension

*Dissolve energy blocks and promotes natural balance between mind, body and spirit

*Assists the body in cleansing itself from toxins and supports the immune system.

Erica Buck A.L.E.

Level 2 Reiki Practitioner

2019 Certification by "A New Beginning"

Reiki is LOVE,

LOVE is wholeness,

Wholeness is Balance,

Balance is Well-Being,

Well-Being is Freedom from disease

Dr. Mikao Usui


Receiving 15min or 30min

Reiki is a wonderfully passive experience. Don't try to relax, just let the Reiki relax you. Your state will shift quite naturally as the session proceeds.

15min $15

30min $30

Reiki 30 Min 

w/ 60 Min Signature Facial 

Receive 60 min Signature Facial which includes double cleanse, exfoliate, non-invasive Microderm, hydration masque, serum, repair cream. During masking enjoy neck & shoulder, hand & arm massage. Afterwards your 30 min Reiki session will begin. this is a nice way to let go of tension, relax nervous system to receive Reiki energy.

90min  $120



by Erica Buck

6093 Rome Circle NW Ste.5

Rochester, MN 55901

Facebook: Erica Buck Advanced L.E.

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